One of the affirmations that gave birth to the European culture is that there must be, at the origin of all things, not irrationality, but Creative Reason (Logos); not blind chance, but freedom. It is the most revolutionary affirmation and, at the same time, the one most awaited by the human heart. So, the question is whether the world comes from the irrational—reason being nothing but a "by-product", perhaps even harmful, of its development—or if the world comes from reason, therefore being its criterion and purpose.
Diverse speakers will explore this issue: the mountain guide Armand Dussex (Switzerland), the physicist Peter Rosenbusch (Germany), the director Ostap Kostyuk (Ukraine), the philosopher Gianni Repetto (Italy), the director Karin Coonrod (United States), the philosopher Alexandr Filonenko (Ukraine / Russia) and Father Alin Cîndea (Romania).
Each of them, by contemplating the world through his own passion, will allow us to enter a little deeper into the knowledge of the Real, in order to make our judgment on the question.
Thursday, July 25th
A day devoted to art and nature 
  • Mining Word in Space 
Karin Coonrod, Director, New York
  • From the Alps to the Himalayas 

Armand Dussex, Mountaineer, Switzerland

Friday, July 26th
  A day devoted to science 
  • The Living Fire 
Ostap Kostiuk, Director, Ukraine
Gianni Repetto, Philosopher, Italy
  • What is (the) time? 

Peter Rosenbusch, Physicist, Germany

Saturday, July 27th
A day devoted to philosophy and theology
  • Logos and Reason 

Alexandr Filonenko, Philosopher, Ukraine

  • The Word of Silence 

P. Alin Cîndea, Priest, Romania

Sunday, July 28th
Conclusion of the festival and celebratory day


Participants are free to organize their days as they please, managing their own accommodation, food and transportation.

They are thus guaranteed the greatest flexibility.


Get-togethers in the mornings are accompanied by a keynote presentation and are followed by other talks and round table discussions.

The talks will be held in French and English, with translations in Spanish and Italian in small groups

The afternoons, on the other hand, are open to sports and culture, thanks to the wide range of activities offered by the National Park of the Matese.

Each evening a concert will be held either in the medieval church of Santa Maria a Castello, located in the ruins of the village’s imposing Norman castle, or in the town hall’s square, found in the middle of the maze of steep alleys which forms the heart of old Letino

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Lodging in the Village

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Price: Between €20 and €25 per night

Lodging at “La Falode”

Our partner "La Falode" is a ranch created by a collective of local shepherds to resist the rural exodus. A 25-minute car ride from Letino, “La Falode” offers single, double or dormitory rooms, as well as spaces for camping.

You can book by email or by phone; the reception is multilingual.

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The agricultural and pastoral life at this high altitude  have shaped millennial traditions still preserved by the inhabitants of the village.

In partnership with various local associations, they offer the following workshops:

  • Local cuisine (entirely based on local products),   

  • Costume and weaving (the folkloric dress of Letino is of paramount complexity in southern Italy),

  •  Dance (Letino is famous for its "Rodda," which reproduces the way young men court young women).


Singing, guitar playing and glass icon workshops are also planned


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For those who wish to help with this event, it is possible to be part of the organization team. This team will settle the last logistical details during the week before the festival and will help with break down at its conclusion. It is also possible to sign up for the reception team, which will be on duty from the 24th until the 28th.